Bond University visit strengthens MIRI relationship

MIRI continues to build strong relationships with leading universities following a recent visit from Bond University representatives.

Professor Paul Glasziou and Faculty Business Director Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine Rhonda Morton met with the MIRI and Northern Queensland Primary Health Network teams to chat research and implementation opportunities across antibiotic resistance, over diagnosis and treatment, non-drug treatments and avoidable waste in research.

Having support from leaders in the field like Professor Glasziou is key in ensuring our staff have the opportunities to undergo quality research projects which then translate into improved patient experiences.

“My main interests are identifying and removing the barriers to using high quality research in everyday clinical practice,” Professor Glasziou said.

The meeting was the first of many in a partnership that will embark on exciting projects in the new year particularly around Health Pathways. This will be an excellent vehicle for embedding the research findings of Professor Glasziou and his team. Make sure you watch this space!

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