MIRI Staff published in key journals

Two MIRI staff have had articles published in key journals The Australia Health Review and the British Medical Journal.

Toni Simmons, Integrated Health Manager/ General Practice Liaison Officer has been published in the Australian Health Review. The research article Review of methods and study designs of evaluations related to clinical pathways synthesises the academic literature of clinical pathways evaluations in order to inform a subsequent HealthPathways evaluation. The focus of the synthesis was on the analytical methods and study designs used in the previous evaluations. The previous clinical pathway evaluations have been pragmatic in nature with relatively straightforward study designs and analysis. To view the full article click here.

Associate Professor, Alison Pighills has been published in the British Medical Journal with the research article Can occupational therapist-led home environmental assessment prevent falls in older people? A modified cohort randomised controlled trial protocol. The publication is the trial protocol for the largest randomised controlled trial in an English setting to access the clinical and cost effectiveness of a home environmental assessment and modification for falls prevention. To view the full article click here.


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