Let’s Shape Up! profile | Kylie Goldsmith

Kylie Goldsmith has lost 24 kilograms over the past 14 months by ‘making changes – not excuses’.

Toll Group is part of the HealthFull Alliance, a group of leaders in our region who are acting now to help stop the progression of obesity and type 2 diabetes in our communities.

We met Kylie while delivering the Let’s Shape Up! Health Check program at Toll’s Paget depot, testing employees’ HBA1C (an average blood glucose level for the last three months), blood pressure and health risk assessment.

“Making changes – not excuses, has been the key to changing my mindset,” said Ms Goldsmith. Over the past 14 months this has delivered amazing results and has had the support from her husband who had expressed concerns for her health.

The daily changes to Kylie’s daily routine include looking for healthier options and exercising for 30 minutes. “I can say that losing weight has and will always be worth it, not only because of the way I look, but because of the way I feel from the inside out.”

Kylie leads a life that is happy and healthy, both mentally and physically. She is stronger today than she was yesterday, but ready to become stronger tomorrow, not only for herself but for her family.


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