Mackay Hospital and Health Service introduce Tele-Handovers

Mackay Hospital and Health Service continues to optimise virtual care models and technology to place patients at the centre of care, aided by TEMSU facilitation.

The introduction of Tele-Handovers at Mackay HHS will enable a video conferenced team-to-team clinical handover for patients who are transferring to a hospital or between healthcare facilities where they will continue their rehabilitation or ongoing care.

The Tele-Handover holds many benefits for both patients and treating teams.

Marilyn ‘Popsy’ Flohr is the first patient to receive a clinical handover facilitated by the Virtual Health Team.

Popsy was admitted in November 2018 after suffering a stroke in her hometown of Clermont, leaving her unable to walk and with vision loss. For the past four months, she has been in Mackay Base Hospital working with the rehabilitation team to get to a point where she can be transferred back into her community hospital.

Tele-Handover Project Coordinator Ms Judi Cavanagh said the Tele-Handover model allowed Popsy and her rehabilitation team in Mackay to talk in real-time with her carer, family and treating team at Clermont Hospital.

“The Tele-Handover discussed Popsy’s transfer and ongoing care plan, and allowed Popsy and her family to ask the clinicians any questions they may have had,” explained Judi.

“The process aims to improve understanding between teams while building strong relationships and trust. For patients, it means higher quality handovers and better continuity of care.”

Popsy has now been transferred to Clermont Hospital where she will continue her rehabilitation in preparation for discharge and return home.

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