MIRI-Grants awards $40,000 for research projects

MIRI is very excited to announce the latest awardees for a MIRI-Grant:

  • David Chang (Intern, Cardiology) to undertake a systematic review of the diagnostic and prognostic value of tissue Doppler imaging in acute coronary syndrome.
  • Grant Breadsell (Junior House Officer, Anaesthetics) to undertake a systematic review of chronic opioid use prior to arthroplasty.
  • Jenya Demidenok (Junior House Officer) and Linden Martyr (Resident Medical Officer, Anaesthetics) to undertake a randomised controlled trial to determine whether optimisation of glycated haemoglobin is clinically effective in decreasing length of hospital stay in elective primary total hip and knee replacements (ICE PAK).
  • Nicholas Tsang (Intern, Surgery) to undertake a randomised controlled trial to determine the training effect and face, content and construct validity of touch surgery in open appendectomy among novices.
  • Shiva Ramsamy (Intern, ED) to undertake a systematic review and meta-analysis of patient decision aids in the emergency department.
  • Shams Zaidi (Pharmacy Operations Manager) to undertake a retrospective and prospective cohort study of mediations compliance tool for discharged against medical advice.
  • Apoorva Saboo (Principal House Officer, Surgery) to fund open access fees for the publishing of research which found that Proserpine and Whitsundays regions had a high incidence of Q fever. This may well be linked to the native wildlife (as opposed to the traditional Q fever risk factors of farming and livestock).
  • Rachel Waye (Clinical Nurse Simulation Coordinator) to fund a study on maximising CPR skill acquisition and retention.

Congratulations to the recipients, we look forward to the results of your studies and their translation into improved services for patients.

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