ROCKet trial recruits 50th patient

Surgical Patients at Mackay Base Hospital currently have the opportunity to take part in an international clinical trial aimed at preventing Chronic Post-Surgical Pain (CPSP). The reduction of chronic post-surgical pain with Ketamine (ROCKet) trial is a world first large-scale trial in to post-surgical pain prevention.

Mackay Base Hospital’s Director of Anaesthesia and Principal Investigator for the study, Dr Danny Bartlett said that chronic pain is a debilitating postoperative complication and has a significant impact on the patient’s quality of life as well as creating an economic burden on the community.

A large definitive clinical trial is needed to assess the utility of ketamine in the prevention of chronic pain.

The trial will take place over five years and will recruit about 1,000 patients a year. Dr Shawn Steckle recruited Mackay Base Hospital’s 50th patient since the trial started.

Patient’s will be followed for one year after surgery.

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