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In Australia and New Zealand PD-related infections are the major causes of PD technique failure. The burden of PD-related infections, such as recurrent or severe exit site infections and peritonitis, is both high and unacceptably variable between different centres, with the variation appearing to be driven by centre-related factors rather than patient-related factors. Some of the centre-specific disparity in outcomes, including peritonitis rates, has been attributed to variable attention paid by centres to potentially modifiable peritonitis risk factors, including training practices.

The TEACH-PD training modules have been developed by a core group of kidney nurses from the HOME Network (THN) in conjunction with senior medical clinicians from the Australasian Kidney Trials Network (AKTN), eLearning curriculum developers, consumer representatives, and education experts, in line with the ISPD guidelines, utilising modern adult learning principles and best practice eLearning techniques. The modules will be implemented at PD units in Australia and New Zealand to formally evaluate whether, compared with standard care, a standardised training curriculum will reduce the rate of PD- related infections and improve technique survival, resulting in better outcomes for patients receiving PD and significant cost-savings to the community.

Source: https://aktn.org.au/teach-pd-crct/ 

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