Emergency & Trauma TEMSU Simulation Training for Rural Facilities

This week, Queensland Health and QAS staff in Proserpine, Collinsville and Bowen attended an innovative emergency simulation training program incorporating video conferencing. An initiative of Virtual Health, supported by the Mackay Institute of Research and Innovation (MIRI) at Mackay Hospital and Health Service (MHHS), the training comprised of both theory and practical components and was delivered onsite by a multidisciplinary team of experts.

The team, led by Dr John Hadok (Emergency SMO & Virtual Health Clinical Lead), included Cathie La Riviere (Manager Virtual Health), Chrissie Timbs (MIRI Program Coordinator), and Elisa Brockley (Simulation Coordinator) from Mackay Base Hospital, with special guests Dr Deanne Crosbie (Emergency Specialist & Clinical Director of TEMSU from Townsville Hospital) and Ms Anita Parnemann (Clinical Nurse Consultant from RSQ TEMSU, Brisbane) to observe and support the training.

“This type of simulation training is unique because it incorporates the use of TEMSU and RSQ videoconferencing into the scenarios”, said Dr Crosbie. “Not only does it teach rural clinicians important skills which will enhance their ability to manage difficult presentations but it also allows them to access virtual expertise in real time and promotes the ongoing use of these Telehealth supports”.

Dr Hadok said “This is a great opportunity to build rapport between Specialists in hub (Mackay Base Hospital) and tertiary centres and rural clinicians, and embeds telehealth into patient care, even in emergency situations”.

This is the sixth round, in a series of roadshows developed by MHHS Virtual Health and Department of Trauma, the program is sponsored by The Glencore Rural Emergency and Trauma Enhancement Program under the auspice of MIRI. The next round of roadshows will take place in September delivering training to Clermont, Dysart and Moranbah.


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