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Translation & Implementation

Evidence-based practice is an approach to care that integrates the best available research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values. 

It involves translating evidence into practice, also known as knowledge translation, ensuring clinicians, patients, family and carers are aware of and use research evidence to inform their health and healthcare decision making.

MIRIs Implementation Team understands the importance of effectively implementing evidence into practice and provides advice and practical facilitation support to clinicians across Mackay Hospital and Health Service through their Catalyst Program.

The Catalyst Program

The MIRI innovation function provides expertise and support in implementation science frameworks and methods, but also extensive practical facilitation support for clinicians undertaking implementation projects through the MIRI Catalyst program.

The Catalyst program provides direction over a suite of implementation projects with the aim of improving the quality and care provided to our communities. Catalyst will support clinicians with direction and capability development in the translation of research outcomes into improved health policy and practice, including health services evaluation to monitor the impact of implementation.

Catalyst projects are focused on the organisation, funding and delivery of health services, with an emphasis on cost-effective analysis to deliver value for money in health systems. The projects will also aim to uncover new knowledge about complex interventions through improved understanding of implementation, and expanding knowledge of complex systems change.