Virtual Health team help put patient at the centre of care

The Mackay Institute of Research and Innovation Virtual Health team is helping put the patient at the centre of care thanks to the growing uptake from staff utilising Telehealth technology.

Mrs Helen Hourigan is a patient at Mackay Base Hospital G2 ward following orthopaedic surgery at Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) in Brisbane.

Due for a review with the Orthopaedic Surgeon from PAH, Virtual Health provided a video conference link allowing the patient and her husband to attend the appointment with Mackay Base Hospital General Medicine Senior Medical Officer Dr Danielle Wu and Orthopaedics Senior Medical Officer Dr Subash Balakrishnan.

Dr Wu said “the Telehealth process went smoothly. Not only did it allow Mrs Hourigan’s progress since her operation to be assessed, it reassured her that the PAH Orthopaedics team were still involved with the follow up appointment”.

“It was a perfect example of team work” added Dr Balakrishnan. “We were able to support Mrs Hourigan in Mackay saving her the pain, time and also cost of travelling to Brisbane”.

Notes from the consultation were made directly into Mrs Hourigan’s patient medical record (ieMR) which allows care providers at Mackay Base and Princess Alexandra Hospital’s electronic access.

Mrs Hourigan said despite being delivered via video the overall experience was pleasing for all.

“I was able to see and hear the consultant at PAH very well and still felt the appointment was very personalised, even though it wasn’t in person” Mrs Hourigan said.

“It makes us feel very confident to have all the relevant clinicians together discussing my ongoing care and I am glad to be able to do this from Mackay”.

Cathie LaRiviere, Manager of Virtual Health said “In this context Telehealth really is the Gold Standard of Care. It brings together care providers and family members with the patient to make the best decisions for their ongoing care”.

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