Wheelie keen hospital staff start social bike group

Sarina Hospital staff are wheelie keen to lead healthier lifestyles after forming their own social bike group.

Tania Adda, Fiona Millson and Wendy Cassidy first saddled up as a group a few years ago when they found common ground in wanting to be a healthier weight.

Ms Adda said while initial intentions were to be physically healthier, riding their bikes together has proved to offer so much more.

“Riding our bikes offers all the good things in life. It’s de-stressing, has built friendships and gives us something in common to talk about,” she said.

“We have also become a lot closer since riding together, which is great because we all work in different areas in the hospital so may not have otherwise crossed paths like this.

“It all came about following a conversation of wanting to be healthier and some of us has bikes so we decided to just go for it.”

The group ride regularly together after work and on weekends but admit the reason for staying together for so long is all in changing things up.

“Every now and then we’ll challenge ourselves and go a little further, or ride that hill, or even ride a little faster than usual,” she said.

“Sometimes we even go into Mackay for a change in scenery and ride the beautiful trails there.

“We have even done a course together to learn how to change tires, adjust the seat and more so that when we ride together we can help each other out.

“New riders are also always welcome, so if you would like to join just let one of us know.”

Tania, Fiona and Wendy are encouraging others to consider riding a bike just in time for #BikeWeek2018.

If you are in Sarina and interested in starting a healthier habit why not attend the free Ride to Work breakfast being held this Thursday at Third Grind Coffee House?

This is one of many activities being run as part of Mackay Regional Council’s Try the Five campaign which encourages residents to Get Active this May!

For more details check out www.mackay.qld.gov.au/trythe5

#MackayPride #Trythe5 #InspireYourTribe

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